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  • Beam Legal Team Listed in Top 15 Obstetrical Malpractice Settlements in Michigan 2017

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 16-Feb-2018

    Michigan Lawyers Weekly reviews and ranks the greatest verdicts, settlements, and judgements in Michigan every year. After categorizing all usable data from 2017, it has ranked an obstetrical malpractice settlement secured by Attorney Jack Beam of Beam Legal Team, LLC – in co-counsel with Attorney Geoffrey Fieger – as the fourth largest settlement in the state last year. The settlement ...
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  • Jack Beam Invited to Attend Lectures at the Chatham House in London

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 15-May-2017

    On a recent trip to London Jack was invited to attend lectures at Chatham House regarding "Brexit"-- Britain's exit from the European Union. Chatham House, a/k/a The Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent "Think Tank" that analyzes issues of international importance.” The expression “Chatham House Rule” emanates from this institution. ...
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  • Cerebral Palsy: Does it Get Worse with Age?

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 19-Apr-2017

    Cerebral palsy is a condition that causes permanent movement disorders. Depending on the type of cerebral palsy a person has, and its severity, symptoms may include difficulties with coordination and balance, excessively stiff muscles, weak muscles, and involuntary movement of muscles. Other issues, including problems with speaking, swallowing, hearing, vision, and seizures may also be present. ...
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  • Attorney Jack Beam Wins $53 Million Case; Gets 'Mystery Infection' Argument Tossed

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 5-Jan-2017

    A jury has rejected the “unknown infection” argument presented by the defense and awarded more than $50 million to the Ewing family after a birth injury caused Isaiah Ewing’s cerebral palsy. In 2004, Lisa Ewing went to the hospital after noticing her baby was moving less than usual. A first-year resident was able to diagnose fetal distress within minutes, but no practicing doctor ...
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  • Beam Legal Team Welcomes Attorney Ryan Timoney To The Firm

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 19-Dec-2016

    Everyone at Beam Legal Team is very excited to officially welcome our new attorney, Ryan Timoney! Ryan graduated from the John Marshall Law School in May, passed the bar in July, and was recently sworn in as a licensed attorney in Illinois. Ryan worked as a law clerk at Beam Legal Team for over a year and a half, and recently accepted our offer to continue working with us as an attorney. Please ...
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  • Oversight, Education and Therapy: Not "Optional" for Children with Cerebral Palsy

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 13-Aug-2015

    There isn't any argument about two fundamental ideas regarding the care and treatment of those with cerebral palsy : first, the best care in both therapies and education can help assist those with CP to reach their full potential, just as it does with anyone. Secondly, the therapies, assistance, special education support, and sometimes, 24-hour care required for those with more severe cases of ...
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  • California Cap on Malpractice Damages in California Hurts Women

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 23-Jun-2015

    Fifteen California women who were affected by medical malpractice have sent a letter to the leadership of Planned Parenthood, asking the women's health organization to change its stance on caps on non-economic damages that exist in California. The letter states: "The outdated cap is unfair to many who have suffered medical harm, regardless of gender…but it has a disproportionate ...
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  • Medical Malpractice Victim Deemed "Too Prejudicial" to be Present for Her Own Case at Trial

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 19-Jun-2015

    Supreme Court Reverses Decision on Appeal, Remands for New Trial A Georgia trial judge decided that the physical attributes of a young girl with cerebral palsy might cause too much of a stir among jurors at a trial for medical negligence, and excluded her from being present during the proceedings. Her lawyers disagreed, and took the case to the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals affirmed that ...
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  • Beam Legal Team Settles Michigan Birth Injury Lawsuit for $8 Million

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 13-Dec-2014

    Award Will Provide Lifetime Care for Child with Cerebral Palsy Beam Legal Team has again successfully represented and obtained a multi-million dollar settlement for a child who was injured due to the deliberate indifference of her serious medical condition. Plaintiff, a minor, by and through her Conservator, filed a claim for damages against Defendant, the County of Wayne, for violating her ...
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  • The Costs of Accessible Living for Those with Cerebral Palsy

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 1-Dec-2014

    Grants Help Some, But Not All Caring for a child with special needs, such as cerebral palsy, carries a number of costs. Some of these costs are recurring: food, medicine, and other consumables must be purchased monthly, and the lifetime cost of this care can be extremely high. However, the immediate costs of items such as accessible housing, wheelchairs, and a vehicle equipped to handle a ...
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  • Jack and Renee Beam: Reports from the Obama Campaign Headquarters

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 7-Nov-2014

    After months of fundraising, debates, and campaign stops, the 2012 presidential cycle has wound to a close. This election had a special place in the hearts of both Jack Beam and Renee Beam, one of the partners at Beam Legal Team and our office manager in Chicago, respectively. For decades the Beams have been politically active. Following his tenure with the Department of Justice and the U.S. ...
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  • Our Good Friend Geoffrey Fieger Meets with President Obama

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 31-Aug-2014

    One of America's Premier Trial Attorneys Meets with US President, Talks Baseball Geoffrey Fieger and his wife, Keenie, were among 47 guests privileged to meet President Barack Obama during a private dinner in April. The fund raiser, held at the Bingham Farms, home of Denise Hitch and her husband, Jim Scalici, also included Tigers great Willie Horton, former Gov. James Blanchard, and Jalen ...
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  • Missouri Supreme Court Overturns Damage Caps in Birth Injury Cases

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 3-Aug-2014

    Child Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy Due to Medical Malpractice and Negligence Given Justice On Tuesday, July 31, 2012, the Missouri Supreme Court overturned the cap on non-economic damages that can be awarded to plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases. This opinion reverses a 20 year-old Supreme Court decision that upheld the caps in a case where they were previously challenged. The case at issue ...
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  • Our Thoughts on the 2012 Michigan Supreme Court Election

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 9-Oct-2012

    Connie Marie Kelley, Sheila Johnson, and Bridget Mary McCormack: 3 Candidates Who Will Protect the Rights of Children The Chicago birth injury lawyers at Beam Legal Team are so thankful for the continued trust that our clients, prospective clients, and partners place in our firm. We are honored to serve, protect, and fight for children who have been victims of medical negligence. The rights of so ...
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