Mental Disability Caused by Birth Injury

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When the brain is injured at birth, a child may become mentally disabled. If you have observed abnormal signs in your newborn and your doctor is not providing the answers you are seeking, you should consult with a Chicago birth injury attorney at Beam Legal Team. If you suspect that this may be the case with your child, you need to take action. Identifying a birth injury is difficult, especially without the guidance of a skilled trial lawyer. Our legal team can help you not only investigate your child’s potential case but also help you understand your legal rights as a parent.

What are the Causes of Mental Retardation?

There can be many causes of mental retardation. Our firm can help you with the following kinds of cases:

  • IUGR (intrauterine growth retardation) that should have been diagnosed or treated by your doctor
  • Preeclampsia or hypertension during pregnancy (high blood pressure)
  • Pregnancy complications not properly diagnosed and addressed
  • Excessive force used during a delivery
  • Brain injury during birth

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To have a child with a brain injury can be challenging and stressful to parents and family. It requires a high level of care, which can be costly and add financial stress to the already difficult situation. If caused by substandard medical care by your hospital or doctor, you may be entitled to financial compensation. We advocate for the rights of injured children to obtain justice in a court of law. No matter where you live in the U.S., our experienced birth injury lawyers in Chicago can help you take swift and decisive action.

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