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  • Operative Delivery by Forceps or Vacuum and Cerebral Palsy

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 26-Jun-2015

    Operative Delivery Via Forceps or Vacuum is Linked to Cerebral Palsy The use of devices, such as forceps or a vacuum (known as a "ventouse"), is a common method that doctors use to assist in the process of a difficult delivery. Generally speaking, forceps and vacuums are used to grasp an infant's head when a doctor is having difficulty delivering the child and help gently remove the ...
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  • California Cap on Malpractice Damages in California Hurts Women

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 23-Jun-2015

    Fifteen California women who were affected by medical malpractice have sent a letter to the leadership of Planned Parenthood, asking the women's health organization to change its stance on caps on non-economic damages that exist in California. The letter states: "The outdated cap is unfair to many who have suffered medical harm, regardless of gender…but it has a disproportionate ...
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  • Special Adaptations Allow Farmer with Cerebral Palsy to Grow Successful Business

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 20-Jun-2015

    Farm Serves as Occupational Therapy Education Site As Well As Impetus for Scholarship Fund Harlan K. Temple, a successful businessman and farmer, and his wife Rita Temple are residents of Davis, South Dakota. Together, they run a 230-acre farm. Corn, soybeans, and alfalfa are the crops of choice on this massive land plot. Mr. Temple is hardly your typical farmer, however. Temple has cerebral palsy ...
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  • Medical Malpractice Victim Deemed "Too Prejudicial" to be Present for Her Own Case at Trial

    Posted By Beam Legal Team || 19-Jun-2015

    Supreme Court Reverses Decision on Appeal, Remands for New Trial A Georgia trial judge decided that the physical attributes of a young girl with cerebral palsy might cause too much of a stir among jurors at a trial for medical negligence, and excluded her from being present during the proceedings. Her lawyers disagreed, and took the case to the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals affirmed that ...
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