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Births by Cesarean section (commonly referred to as C-sections) make up approximately 20 percent
of births in the United States, and this number is climbing. While most
doctors are competent in performing this type of procedure, mistakes can
happen when doctors are negligent or unskilled.

What is a C-Section? Why is it Necessary?

When a mother is unable to give birth to her baby naturally, a surgical
procedure called a C-section becomes necessary for safe delivery. During
the procedure, an incision is made in the abdomen and the wall of the
uterus to extract the baby.

While the procedure is considered safe, it is not without risks. Errors
during a C-section can not only result in a number of complications for
the mother, including nerve damage, internal bleeding, heart or lung complications,
infections, or lacerated bowels, but they can also affect the baby if
the procedure is not handled correctly. If a doctor does not perform the
operation skillfully, the child could suffer from lacerations,
oxygen deprivation leading to brain damage, and more.

Other issues that could arise include C-sections that are not carried out
in a timely manner. Doctors who fail to identify signs of fetal distress,
like fluctuating blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, or entanglement
in the umbilical cord, or signs that the mother is not able to progress
with a natural birth, can put both at risk of serious injury or death.
If a doctor fails to order a necessary C-section and the child or mother
is harmed as a result, this could be grounds for a
medical malpractice claim.

Is Your Child’s Injury the Result of Medical Malpractice?

If your child was injured by either a doctor’s failure to order a
necessary C-section or through a C-section that was not performed correctly,
you have the right to pursue financial compensation. It is in your best
interests to call a Chicago birth injury lawyer from Beam Legal Team as
soon as possible to begin investigating your case. Our lawyers can help
you determine who can be held liable and what your best option for legal
recourse may be.

Since birth injuries can have long lasting consequences for the health
of your child, you deserve to be provided with the financial resources
you need to pay for the costs of their care and continued wellbeing.
To learn more about what you may stand to gain from a medical malpractice
claim, please call Beam Legal Team today for a free consultation: (866) 766-3806.