This morning, a family was awarded $53 million after their son’s birth at the University of Chicago Hospital resulted in serious brain damage. Reports state this is the largest medical malpractice settlement in the history of Cook County. The family was represented by Attorney Jack Beam and Attorney Doug Raymond of Beam Legal Team, as well as Attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

The Details of the Birth Injury Claim

The boy, Isaiah Ewing, was born on April 20, 2004. After 12 hours in fetal distress, Isaiah suffered a serious brain injury. The suit states that his mother, Lisa Ewing, suffered for hours, in need of a cesarean section, as the baby suffered agonizing distress. Now, Isaiah is 12 years old but experiences the brain function of a much younger child and is unable to walk or communicate verbally.

In an interview with ABC 7, Ms. Ewing explained her experience at the University of Chicago Hospital, stating, “I laid there – no one came to check on me. […] I thought I was getting the best care. I wasn’t.” One of the family’s attorneys, Geoffrey Fieger, stated that the hospital’s arrogance regarding the case was “shocking,” in that they attempted to convince the jury that their records were incorrect and did not reflect the injuries Isaiah suffered.

Although Isaiah’s mother stated she would do her best to care for her child, the family’s legal team recovered this large settlement, which compensates the family for future medical expenses, shortened life expectancy, and the loss of a normal life, relieving the family of significant expenses. Ms. Ewing expressed that this settlement will allow her son to live “the best life possible.”

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