Our team of birth injury lawyers at Beam Legal Team are proud to announce that we participated in Spark Chicago, a non-profit group that engages at-risk middle school students from the east and west sides of the city in afterschool mentorships at volunteer businesses. Through this program, we sponsored Lataya Simpson, a 7th-grade middle school student from Mollison Middle School who earnestly wants to be an attorney in her near future.

Every Wednesday for three months, Lataya traveled from her school to our office and spent two-hour sessions acting as an “apprentice” at our firm. Lataya’s goals, over the three-month period, were to broaden her perspective regarding the various disciplines of law and to learn how Beam Legal Team provides compassionate legal assistance to the community. Following her time spent with our team, Lataya was asked to prepare a science-fair-like poster presentation on a topic of her choice.

Fittingly, Lataya chose, “What is Birth injury Law?”

Lessons We Reviewed with Lataya

Among her in-office adventures, Lataya participated in preparing documents for a mock trial, learned about the important questions we ask potential clients who call our office by simulating a new client in-take. Focusing specifically on birth injury law, we discussed negligent delivery of babies by forceps and vacuum and labor induction drugs, such as Pitocin. In addition, we explained to Lataya how these obstetrical errors can cause a newborn to suffer from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and permanent brain damage.

In due time, Lataya witnessed the day in the life of a mother and her child, who had suffered severe birth injuries, including hypoxic-ischemic injury and cerebral palsy. We discussed that if a settlement or verdict is obtained for one of our clients, the award is placed into a trust fund, which is used to provide proper medical care, therapy, and other needs for the child for the remainder of his or her life.

Beam Legal Team Loves Giving Back to the Community

We are pleased to be able to make such an impact on our community while giving back to the ones we care about most – children.

To speak with a member of our team, call Beam Legal Team today! We provide legal assistance to persons in all 50 states.

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