Comfort Dogs and Our Clients

Beam Legal Team was recently introduced to Canine Advocacy Program (CAP), which is a non-profit organization that provides trained therapy dogs to minors while they provide testimony in order to alleviate anxiety. Our client, Evan, was the first child in the State of Michigan to be deposed with a CAP dog by his side. According to his father, Evan loved Lance (pictured), and he definitely helped Evan relax during his hour-long deposition. Lance was accompanied by Dan Cojanu, the Vice President and Program Director of CAP, who also gave Evan a worry stone and trading cards featuring two of the program’s dogs as souvenirs. Dan is passionate about the program and helping children work through the legal system. Beam Legal Team will continue to work with CAP in order to protect our young clients from insensitive Insurance defense attorneys who compel judges to order depositions of children with disabilities.

Learn more about the CAP program here:

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