Birth Injuries May Be Preventable

As Chicago birth injury attorneys, we understand that families may be concerned about the delivery process and the safety of mothers and children. Medical technology allows doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to monitor the mother during labor. It can provide families some reassurance that labor and delivery will be uncomplicated and handled seamlessly. What is unfortunate, though, is that many complications can still arise from childbirth that causes harm to both the mother and the baby.

Understanding Birth Complications

What is most critical is discerning whether or not a medical condition can severely affect the child’s health. For example, failing to diagnose the mother’s hypertension may make it difficult for the medical team to discern whether or not to deliver a baby via C-section. In another example, the baby and or the mother could experience complications from receiving the wrong medication or are given medication that does more harm than good.

Birth Injuries Can Be Prevented

Birth injuries are often preventable. They can occur due to doctor negligence, such as if the doctor mishandles the baby during delivery, such as using forceps too forcefully that causes broken bones, permanent brain and/or physical damage, and developmental disabilities that may be debilitating and last for the rest of the child’s life. Doctors must be diligent in monitoring babies during labor and immediately after delivery. Without these steps, then it may be a clear sign that malpractice has occurred.

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