Parents who are shocked to find their child has been born with a birth injury due to a medical provider’s negligence are often even more surprised to find that medical provider will try to sidestep any form of liability for what happened. Since the cost of treating and living with a birth injury is sure to be steep, doctors and medical groups tend to deny any responsibility out of fear of being held accountable through a major verdict or settlement. Yet they go beyond just shaking their heads when asked if they did something wrong that hurt the newborn. They are also prone to hide themselves behind corporate teams of legal professionals ready to challenge any claim brought forth.

Medical Groups with Attorneys on Retainer

You can safely assume that any medical group that controls or owns hospitals, clinics, and various medical centers will have a legal team on retainer. This means they essentially have defense attorneys on-staff, ready to pounce the moment there is a medical malpractice claim on the horizon. No matter how valid you and they know your claim to be, they are going to fight you on it.

The corporate teams of birth injury claim defense lawyers are specifically trained to try to shut down your efforts from day one. They do not want you filing a valid claim for compensation and will try to convince you that you do not know what you are talking about, or that your child is actually fine. When you have some convincing evidence of a medical provider’s wrongdoing that caused the birth injury, like the misuse of Pitocin or a vacuum extractor for example, the same defense team may come to you with a “fair” settlement. Only, the settlement will be lowballed so much it might not even cover 10% of the damages you have and will experience. Do not be fooled into signing anything without first talking to a legal team of your own.

Beam Legal Team Settles Scores & Upholds Your Rights

Has a medical group sent its corporate team of attorneys after you when you talked about filing a birth injury claim for its negligence? End the intimidation today by getting Beam Legal Team on your side. Our nationwide birth injury attorneys are renowned for standing up for clients against impersonal and uncaring defense litigators that get paid to ensure claimants do not. Throughout our years of experience, we have gained a reputation for never backing down and collecting every last penny our clients need and deserve. To date, we have more than one billion dollars in recoveries won for our clients.

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