When a child is being born, they are dependent on the careful delivery
assistance of a doctor, nurse, or another medical provider. The fragility
of their bodies makes newborns extremely vulnerable to severe birth injuries
caused by
medical malpractice. Birth injuries are often associated with
brain damage, like
cerebral palsy and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Is it possible, though, for a birth injury to be a bone break?

How Newborns May Suffer a Broken Bone

Infants are not born with complete skeletal systems. Instead, there are
many gaps in their skeletons that will gradually fuse in the coming months.
As a result, children are born with more cartilage than we retain as adults.
Cartilage is flexible and pliable, making exiting the birth canal safer
for both the child and the mother.

However, simply having more cartilage does not mean a child is immune or
even resistant to bone breaks. If a medical provider causes
mechanical trauma, such as pulling too harshly on a limb or
misusing a birthing tool, the child will still likely suffer a broken bone. The likelihood of an
infant bone break birth injury is even higher if the child has brittle
bone disease or a calcium deficiency that was never diagnosed by an obstetrician.

Recovering from a bone break is difficult for adults, and likely to be
all the more traumatic for newborns. For a bone to heal correctly, it
must be set in place and experience minimal movement for weeks or months.
Children are not likely to sit still for too long, especially if they
are feeling pain from the injury. The end result can be bone break birth
injuries leading to lifelong complications and debilitations, like reduced mobility.

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