Unborn children have unique digestive systems compared to an adult. Fecal
material is produced inside an unborn child’s intestines is known
as meconium, which will be passed through defecation after birth. If a
fetus undergoes stress or pressure in utero, meconium may be passed too
soon, mixing with the amniotic fluid and causing health complications.

The most dangerous health complication caused by meconium in amniotic fluid
is when the child breathes it in. Not long before birth and during delivery,
the child will begin breathing regularly. If meconium has been mixed with
the amniotic fluids, it will be inhaled into the lungs. This is known
as meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS).

Indicators of MAS in a newborn include:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Muscle weakness
  • Abnormal skin coloration, which is usually blue

Causes & Prevention for MAS

MAS can sometimes occur without warning, but it is usually linked to undue
stress placed upon the mother or unborn child. Leading causes of MAS are
believed to be strong infection and hypertension experienced by the mother,
difficult or extended labor, and lengthy pregnancy. In understanding the
causes of MAS, it is clear that many of them could be prevented with appropriate
medical care.

An obstetrician is tasked with evaluating the health of a pregnant mother
and her unborn child.
Failing to diagnose symptoms that can cause MAS can constitute
medical malpractice. For example, it is reasonable to expect that a mother would show symptoms
of an infection. An obstetrician that prescribes safe antibiotics or other
pharmaceuticals to address the infection would be acting responsibly,
whereas one who took no action or did not notice the signs of infection
at all would be negligent in their duty. Any harm caused to a child due
to preventable MAS should be met with fair compensation given to the mother.

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There is never any acceptable reason for a medical provider to fail to
give a pregnant mother and her unborn child the best possible standard
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