Car accidents can cause severe injuries to all passengers. When a pregnant mother is caught in a collision, it could mean her unborn child is injured as well. For this reason, it is all the more important for pregnant mothers to prioritize responsible driving whenever they are behind the wheel.

A few quick safety tips to remember as a pregnant mother who drives are:

  • Safety belt placement: Depending on how far along your pregnancy you may be, you will have to position your safety belt, or seatbelt, in a particular way. Some seatbelt designs are not safe to place directly over your stomach while you are late into your pregnancy. However, it is never the right choice to not wear a seatbelt at all. There are numerous online sources for safe seatbelt positions for pregnant women, such as a helpful instructional form created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which you can view by clicking here. You might also be able to reference your automobile manufacturer or manual for more instructions.
  • Seat positioning: You must also find a safe position for your seat, whether you are the driver or a passenger in a vehicle. The general rule is keeping as much distance between yourself and the steering as possible. Sitting upright is also crucial for safety in car accidents, especially for pregnant mothers. The aforementioned safety sheet from the NHTSA also includes information about safe car seat positioning for expecting mothers.
  • Drive sparingly: Whenever you get behind the wheel and onto public streets, you have to worry about negligent drivers. Even if you are absolutely careful when you drive, a bad driver can blindside you without warning. With this said, pregnant mothers should refrain from driving whenever possible. You do not have to feel like you are stuck in your home, but it will be beneficial to ask friends and family members if they can help you with errands now and then.
  • Immediate checkups: After being in any car accident of any severity – even just a light bumper-to-bumper collision – you should see your trusted physician as soon as possible. You might feel fine but the impact could have caused distress to your unborn child. Serious complications might be averted by getting a checkup the same day.

Click here for an extended driver safety guide for expecting mothers.

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