Can Pitocin be Used to Induce Labor Cause a Birth Injury?

There is nothing simple or easy about giving birth. While a diverse number of problems can arise during birth, one of the most common is the mother’s struggle to actually go into labor and complete the birth of her child. An extended labor can be detrimental to both the mother’s and the child’s health so doctors often tend to induce labor through the use of a drug called Pitocin.

Pitocin to Induce LaborA synthetic replica of the naturally-occurring chemical substance oxytocin, Pitocin helps induce labor by triggering the brain to begin contractions. When used correctly, Pitocin can be a useful medicinal tool to facilitate delivery of a baby. However, Pitocin used incorrectly or given in the wrong dosage can be extremely dangerous, putting the baby at risk of suffering a birth injury. Not only must doctors be aware of the potential complications of Pitocin, but they are also expected to their patients of these problems as well.

Complications & Birth Injuries Related to Pitocin Induction

Pitocin may be manufactured to act as a mirror substance to oxytocin, but they are not exactly the same. In particular, the Pitocin is noticeably different in that it works somewhat rapidly compared to oxytocin, creates stronger contractions, and is delivered through measured dosages, rather than as the body deems it necessary for the mother. Medical providers who do not pay close attention to the mother’s and the child’s health during birth may use too many or too large of Pitocin dosages, increasing the chances of a birth injury due to hyper-stimulation, or contractions that come too close together. The baby can be pressed by the contractions, causing physical harm.

Pitocin has also been linked to interfering with the placenta’s delivery of oxygen to the baby in utero. Through Pitocin’s interference, the baby may receive a minimal amount of oxygen for an extended period of time. This complication can quickly cause various forms of brain damage, including cerebral palsy.

Beam Legal Team Stands Up for Birth Injury Clients

After a child suffers a serious birth injury due to Pitocin induction, it is not uncommon for the medical provider to try to sidestep responsibility and divert liability back onto the mother, perhaps telling her the birth injury was unavoidable. If your child was born with a birth injury and Pitocin was used to induce labor, then it is important to not take their statements at face value. Instead, start exploring the possibilities with Beam Legal Team.

Our Chicago birth injury lawyers – who represent clients nationwide – have the legal knowledge and know-how needed to enhance your birth injury claim. Medical providers are notorious for putting up a fight with large teams of attorneys. Even the legal playing field and gain the advantage by putting us in your corner.

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