Why Must Doctors Properly Monitor a Pregnancy?

When most people think about birth injuries, they consider the various issues that can arise when a person is in labor or when the baby is being delivered. While this is when many birth injuries do occur, it’s not the only time when this is possible.

There are some issues that can arise during the pregnancy. However, the pregnancy should be properly monitored by the obstetrician throughout the entire duration. Failure to do so can lead to serious harm. Here are some reasons doctors must properly monitor a pregnancy.

Identifying Potential Issues with the Fetus

When a doctor monitors the fetus during the pregnancy, they are looking for specific things that could cause alarm. One of the most important things they consider is the fetal heart rate and whether or not it’s normal.

An abnormal fetal heart rate can indicate a potential problem with the baby such as an issue with the umbilical cord. The doctor can then determine if there are any ways to help remedy the situation and get the heart rate back to normal.

Identifying Potential Issues with the Mother

Many individuals feel as though checkups are only to see how the baby is doing, but that’s not necessarily true. The health of the mother can play a huge role in the health of the baby, and the doctor should inform the mother of any potential changes that can be made.

For instance, the mother must be checked for high blood pressure and other issues that can lead to damages in the fetus. Monitoring this during the pregnancy can help prevent some of the potential problems that may arise.

If a doctor fails to properly monitor a pregnancy, they are breaching their duty of care—an act of negligence. Our Chicago birth injury attorneys at Beam Legal Team can work to hold this party responsible for any injuries sustained as a result.

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