How Does Medical Malpractice and Cerebral Palsy Relate?

When it comes to birth injuries, parents and their families are left with a number of questions that may be difficult to answer. Some may wonder what to do next—some may not even be sure what they can expect. However, it’s important to understand what causes birth injuries such as cerebral palsy.

There are a number of various potential causes that can lead to an infant having cerebral palsy, but one thing is apparent: medical malpractice is a leading factor. The errors of medical professionals can lead to this serious condition and knowing how they relate can help individuals understand their legal options.

Failure to Properly Monitor the Pregnancy

Your doctor is tasked with providing you the utmost care throughout pregnancy and to ensure this, they must properly monitor you and the baby throughout the pregnancy. This includes checking fetal heartrate and providing information to the parents about ways to keep their baby safe.

When they fail to identify problems during the monitoring process, it can lead to a fetus being harmed. This can result in cerebral palsy or a number of potential conditions or injuries. This can put the doctor at fault for any injury that may occur.

Problems During the Delivery

Another potential cause of cerebral palsy is when doctors or other medical staff are negligent during the delivery. This could include not monitoring mom and baby during labor, or if the doctor improperly uses forceps or a vacuum extractor to aide in getting the baby delivered.

Unfortunately, when these instruments are not used correctly, they can cause trauma to the head of the infant, which can lead to cerebral palsy. This condition can impact how the baby is able to use their muscles and develop motor function.

At Beam Legal Team, we are aware of how negligence can result in serious harm to a child. We want to help the families of those affected seek justice against the responsible party. Our Chicago birth injury lawyers are here when you need us most, helping you seek the compensation you need.

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