Radiology defines the class of medical imaging techniques used to view the body’s internal structures and diagnose disease. Through the use of X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT, PET, and MRI scans, doctors can identify health problems and treat them.

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Brain-damaging injuries that occur during birth require immediate diagnosis and action. With radiology, medical staff can detect the type of injury, the severity of the injury, and the necessary treatment.

Radiology can also help doctors time brain injuries. A major factor in the long-term effects of a brain injury is the presence of moisture and associated swelling, which develops over time and can restrict oxygen and blood flow. The ability to time a brain injury through the use of radiology can offer insight into the possibility of potential future swelling, allowing doctors to employ preventative measures and reduce overall damage.

Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), or bleeding in the brain’s ventricles, is a brain injury that can cause Cerebral Palsy. In more severe cases, IVH can result in hydrocephalus, requiring a shunt.

Doctors will often use ultrasounds to diagnose intraventricular hemorrhage. Ultrasound tests use sound waves to image the inside of the affected baby’s brain and grade the severity of bleeding. There are four levels of severity in cases of intraventricular hemorrhage, and the severity grade will determine the immediate and long-term effects of the hemorrhage, as well as the treatment needed.

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Injuries that occur during birth are devastating, and one of the most emotionally trying experiences a parent can face. At Beam Legal Team, we are committed to helping families obtain compensation to cover the costs of the medical expenses required to treat a brain injury that occurred at birth. Our legal team has recovered millions of dollars in damages for those who have suffered from birth injuries as a result of medical malpractice.

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