By now, many individuals understand the dangerous nature associated with any kind of negligence during a woman’s pregnancy or delivery. There are a number of potential ways in which a birth injury can arise due to a medical professional’s actions or inactions.

As the baby grows into childhood, it’s increasingly important to know that not all signs of birth injury appear immediately and there are plenty of situations in which issues are exhibited later in life. In many cases, the age can change depending on each situation.

Some Birth Injuries Are Apparent at Birth

Most often, it is the physical birth injuries that are immediately visible at birth. This can include muscle weakness, bone deformities, skull fractures, or even a hand curled up in a claw-like appearance. These may be immediate indicators of a birth injury.

There are some health issues that could be visible immediately such as a paleness to the baby’s skin—or yellowish tint caused by jaundice. If you notice any physical or easily visible issues, you want to address them immediately with the doctor to determine the cause.

Mental Disabilities Typically Take Time to Show

It can be more difficult to recognize any mental disabilities caused by a birth injury as they usually show with the delay in certain development milestones the child should reach. If your child is not reaching milestones at the ages they should, it could mean something is wrong.

For instance, if you notice that your child isn’t talking when they should, or they are having trouble processing certain information, it could be an indicator of a birth injury. These matters are often made difficult due to state statutes regarding birth injury lawsuits, so it’s important to understand early detection of a birth injury.

If you recognize a birth injury, it’s important to reach out quickly to a legal representative who can help you to understand what rights you may have. Our Chicago birth injury attorneys are here to help you when you need it most.

At Beam Legal Team, we recognize the difficulties of raising a child with a birth injury. As such, we aim to help families seek the compensation they need and deserve from the negligent medical professional. Trust that we’re ready to fight for the rights of the families in their times of need.

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