Medical negligence is nothing to scoff at. It’s associated with many different complications that both adults and babies may encounter. One such problem is cerebral palsy, a group of disabilities that impact several babies born throughout the United States.

While the symptoms associated with CP can be scary to deal with, there are some treatment options as well as long-term care that can help with the quality of life. Here are some of the treatments and medications that can help.

Long-Term Medical Care

Having a doctor to oversee a treatment plan is important and there are numerous parties who can play a role in determining which therapy options will work best for your child. These parties can include physical therapists, neurologists, social workers, speech therapists, and special education teachers.

All these parties can aid in helping you understand what your child is experiencing and some of the best ways to ensure quality of life is at its highest.

Are There Medications Available?

There are some medications that can help with the physical effects, such as loosening muscle stiffness. This, along with pain management can help with the overall quality of life your baby experiences, but you shouldn’t give your child medications without first discussing with a professional.

The type of medication is usually dependent on severity of the spasticity and whether it is isolated or generalized. Certain medications have dependency risks as well, so you want to carefully consider what you are giving your child.

The lifelong costs associated with cerebral palsy can be exorbitant, making it even more crucial for you to take action if your child suffered the harm as a result of medical negligence. Our Chicago birth injury attorneys are here to help you every step of the way.

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