As we enter a new decade, we look back at our history and our long-term commitment to pursuing justice on behalf of children and their families following a birth injury. Six to eight in every 1,000 infants are born with a birth injury. Many of these are completely preventable.

Our founding attorney, Jack Beam, has compiled case studies regarding two high-profile cases in which both babies suffered significant injury due to doctor error. Both cases resulted in record-setting, multi-million dollar settlements. We will summarize these two cases, but you can click below to read the case study:

Case 1: Beam Legal Team vs. Labor & Delivery Malpractice

As you can see in the case study, our client suffered catastrophic harm after a doctor and nurses administered Pitocin. The labor was not progressing with this administration. Even after showing signs of fetal distress, the nurses and doctor failed to stop the Pitocin.

Pitocin is a medication that frequently causes excessive uterine contractions. As a result, the baby suffered significant birth injuries. The baby’s heart rate deteriorated throughout the labor and required resuscitation. The baby was delivered much too late. The doctor and nurses violated the standards of care, causing the baby trauma, hypoxia and ischemia.

Case 2: Beam Legal Team vs. Labor Delivery & Neonatal Malpractice

Our client—now over three years old—suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy, global developmental delay, cortical visual impairment, microcephaly and plagiocephaly. These injuries stem from the doctor failing to give the baby an IV glucose, even after identifying a potential problem.

The doctor knew that the baby was at risk for hypoglycemia, had hypoglycemia, and needed proper monitoring and treatment. However, when the doctor finally took action, it was already too late. The baby crashed, suffered from apnea, mottling, and seizures.

At Beam Legal Team, LLC, our priority is fighting for the rights of children. Our focus is on obtaining the compensation and justice families need to move forward after a doctor or hospital’s negligence causes a baby to suffer harm.

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