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When a medical provider makes a mistake during delivery – or even while evaluating a pregnant mother’s health – and causes a birth injury, the parents will see a noticeable rise in initial medical costs. The price of giving birth to a newborn in a hospital or another medical clinic is already steep, but the care required to take care of a birth injury will only add to it. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) attention, treatments, and procedures will not come cheap but may be necessary to save the child’s life or ensure birth injuries do not get worse.

Yet the initial medical costs will not likely be the most intense and financially demanding. Instead, parents are often shocked to find the worst costs of a birth injury are the ones that come years later and never truly go away.

Lifetime Costs Associated with Birth Injuries

A child born with a birth injury is likely to have developmental issues and permanent disabilities. Brain damage, like cerebral palsy, can slow down a child’s mental growth, forcing the parents to find alternative means to educate and raise them. The costs of special education and caretaking as the child grows older can range well into the thousands each year. Given that a child with a serious birth injury may never develop out of the limitations caused by the complication, it is feasible such costs will be experienced for the rest of their life.

Physical harm, like a forceps injury that causes permanent paralysis of a limb, will also require the child to be given special attention or equipment as they age. Later in life, gainful employment might be impossible to hold due to the disability. There are heavy costs associated with getting the equipment and adjustments to day-to-day life, such as a wheelchair ramp installed at the front of the child’s home. Much larger costs will be experienced, though, in how the birth injury patient may be limited throughout their life.

Lastly, the family of the child with a birth injury caused by a medical provider may experience real and upsetting emotional pain throughout the years. Noneconomic damages like pain and suffering can be considered when pursuing the other economic damages in a birth injury lawsuit.

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