In 2011, Beam Legal Team achieved one of the highest birth injury verdicts in American history. A jury in Detroit found that the labor and delivery nurses, obstetrician, and residents committed several negligent acts during both the prenatal and labor and delivery periods. Medical staff failed to properly estimate the weight of the Baby Markell, and later erred again when they mixed up two patients, causing them to believe that Markell’s mother was having a 7 pound baby when Markell was actually nearly 11 pounds. The doctors proceeded to administer Pitocin instead of delivering the child via C-section, resulting in severe injury to the baby. Baby Markell was born with significant brain hemorrhages, a broken clavicle, and significant bruising. William Beaumont hospital records indicate a “difficult vaginal delivery” with “scalp and facial bruising and swelling” and “occasional tremors [seizures].”