A Cesarean section, or C-section, is a relatively common operation to limiting risks during problematic or higher risk pregnancies and deliveries, accounting for roughly a third of all deliveries in the U.S. Although they are used fairly often and as a means to mitigate risks, C-sections are not risk-free nor are they procedures to take lightly.

At Beam Legal Team, our Chicago attorneys have worked cases nationwide involving C-sections that were delayed, never performed, or improperly performed. Because we know the risks associated with C-sections, we know that not all birth injuries are preventable. However, we have worked with enough victims and families to know that they can occur, especially when a medical professional provides substandard care.

To help you better understand C-sections, what you should expect, and how they relate to medical malpractice, we have put together the following information:

  • About C-sections – Non-elective C-sections are typically performed when vaginal delivery presents risks to a mother or child, including twin pregnancies, high blood pressure, obstructed labor, and other factors. Longer Hospital stays are expected following a C-section, as it may take longer to heal than vaginal birth.
  • C-section risks – C-sections are surgical procedures, and as such, they do pose some risk. Due to these risks, there are established recommended guidelines and often hospital protocol that dictates when and how they should be performed.
  • C-sections and medical malpractice – C-sections performed in a correct and timely fashion are critical to reducing preventable injury to either mother or baby. When doctors or nurses fail to recognize medical issues that would necessitate a C-section and fail to perform in a timely fashion, or improperly perform the procedure, they substantially increase the risks of birth injuries.

It is important to understand that there are risks associated with C-sections, including risks that can be effectively managed and risks posed by negligent medical professionals. Unfortunately, negligence and substandard care can result in birth injuries that create a lifetime of challenges for victims and their families. When this occurs, victims have the right to hold negligent medical professionals accountable for breaching their legal duty and causing preventable harm.

How Our Firm Can Help

Over the years, our experienced lawyers at Beam Legal Team have secured a number of successful results for clients in cases involving C-sections and birth injuries. These include notable, record-setting verdicts and settlements, such as our $144,585,020 million jury verdict against medical staff at a Detroit hospital that failed to deliver a child via C-section despite the size of the baby. This was one of the highest birth injury verdicts in American history.

If you believe you might have a potential birth injury case involving a C-section that was delayed, never performed, or performed improperly, our legal team is readily available to review your case and discuss the merits of your claim. Our attorneys focus on personalized service and case reviews, during which we can fully address your questions and concerns, and discuss what we can do to help.

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