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Our Videos

Birth Injury

  • Money Matters

    If your child was born with a serious injury, the expenses associated with proper care can ...

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  • What Happened to My Baby?

    The hospitals don't want to say that your baby's injury could have been caused by a lack ...

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  • $144 Million Birth Trauma Victory

    Beam Legal Team has secured one of the largest verdicts in the nation ($144 million) for a ...

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  • Shay and Aiden

    Aiden was born in 2014 and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He is physically impaired; ...

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  • Isaiah & Lisa Spot

    When Isaiah was discharged from the hospital, he was not diagnosed with any condition. It ...

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  • Black History Month

    Beam Legal Team is a proud supporter of Black History Month. On The U's Black History: The ...

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  • What To Expect When You Call Our Offices

    What makes our law firm different than others? We are Chicago's birth injury attorneys and ...

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  • Meet Attorney Jack Beam

    Attorney Jack Beam is the founding partner of Beam Legal Team. He has successfully handled ...

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  • Alteration of Electronic Medical Records

    Learn about the history of altered medical records from the attorneys at Beam Legal Team ...

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  • Meet Attorney Matthew Patterson

    Matthew Patterson is a partner with Beam Legal Team. Thus far, Matt has focused his ...

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  • Pitocin, The Opioid of Obsetrics

    Birth injury cases are often complex and can involve the wrong dosage or assignment of ...

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  • Meet Attorney Ryan Timoney

    Ryan Timoney is an attorney with Beam Legal Team. Ryan focuses his practice on complex ...

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  • Lisa's Testimonial

    "My experience was wonderful. They made me feel like family and made me feel like I wasn't ...

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  • Ashley's Testimonial

    “Real people, real honest answers. You can see there was real love and compassion. They ...

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  • Rhonda's Testimonial

    “If you have an injury with your child, they are going to fight tooth and nail. They’re ...

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  • Shay's Testimonial

    “They have changed our lives by bringing more happiness to know justice was serviced and ...

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  • Shontell's Testimonial

    "Once I called the Baby Birth Injury Lawyers, I got a call from the head lawyer. When they ...

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  • Tracy's Testimonial

    "I went to Beam Legal, they walked me through the process. They were very good. They got ...

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