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“Best Law Firm”

I just want to say a huge thank you to all that worked on my daughter’s case it was a long battle and hard road but the outcome was wonderful. We can’t thank you guys enough for all the hard work. I wouldn’t have traded lawyers for anything again. Thank you from the West Family.

The West Family

“God put me in touch with this family of mine – I say family because that’s how they fight for you”

My daughter suffered severe trauma during her birth not to mention other horrific mistakes by a HUGE well-known hospital and doctor. I knew right away that there was something wrong. From the day she was born, I started my quest to find someone to help me make a better life for my child because she was going to need many things to help her live a good life. Well, let me just say law offices are NOT the same they will sit on your case and waste your time because they are scared to get out there and do what is right !! I went through 7 attorneys that wasted my and my daughter’s time and by God’s grace, I did not give up one referred me to my new family Beam Legal Team (I call them all by their first names LOL). At this point, I was running out of time for the statute of limitations because of all the wasted time of other BIG firms. They got right to it and so the fight began! I am not the easiest mom to work with because of my passion and fight for my child but everyone listened to my concerns, my facts, my outbursts, my research, and my demands! I, at one point, would call daily and ask 100 questions and they were answered! They have angels that fight here….it takes time so don’t get discouraged but in the end, you will get results …I only wish I had found them first. My case is settled and my now teenager , will be able to have everything she needs for a blessed and happy life! Don’t wait or waste your time with law offices that say they can help and shove your case under the desk ..I have worked with this team for 10 years and will proudly call them family…Our love and gratitude to Jack, Lori, Brittney, Ryan, Erika and so many others who made my daughter part of their life! xxoo K&M


“I am so happy with our outcome!”

Our everyday obstacles can be up or down and can be challenging. But when I lay my head at night it is great knowing that Carson will be taken care of for his future. Thanks to Jack and Melody and the team at Beam Legal for taking their time and interest in our case and never giving up on us. You all are so amazing and truly unbelievable. I have come to terms with Carson’s disability and medical malpractice. I am happy to announce that I am expecting a new addition to our family, a little princess. I am so happy with our outcome and so glad we worked as a team to fight to the end.

Tasha and Family

“I can’t thank them enough”

Jack Beam and his legal team were very attentive (especially my paralegal, Melody) and knowledgeable. They helped me to get answers about “what went wrong” during my son’s birth that left him with Cerebral Palsy after the hospital kept telling us that “sometimes these things just happen and we don’t know why”. Now I don’t have to worry about my child’s future, and that is a priceless peace of mind that I can’t thank them enough for.

Former Client

“Thanks To You”

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know of my experience with Beam Legal Team and to give a Special Thanks to Brittany Votruba. Too often people are eager to write letters or make a phone call to complain, but I wanted to take the time to write to let you know that I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism, and determination of Brittany throughout my case, she was always very quick to respond, made herself available during times that most would consider after hours and always patient in explaining the status and details/developments of my case. The stressful time we were going through was made so much easier with all of you guiding us through the process, and we would definitely recommend your firm to anyone. Thank you so much for your help, with handling my son’s case as if it could have been your child. You handled everything with dignity and compassion, just what people need in these stressful situations. Thank you again!

Former Client

“I highly recommend this firm!”

To Whom It May Concern: As a recent client of Beam Legal Team, I would like the firm, as well as others, to know how much I appreciate the excellent service I received from them. How pleased I was with the settlement of my case. Matt Patterson, my lawyer, always keeping my best interests in mind, was diligent in his investigations and dealings with their lawyers. He also had reliable expert witnesses to support my case. Melody Carper, the paralegal for my case, kept accurate records of facts and figures frequently e-mailing, or calling me to check on something, or to update me on the status of my case. She was always receptive to all of my calls and responded quickly. The entire staff and Beam Legal Team were very helpful, pleasant, and courteous whenever I called. I highly recommend this firm. Sincerely, Irene Bittner

Irene Bittner

“No Stone Left Unturned”

Our daughter, Marissa deserved the same care and treatment as any other child but when that didn’t happen and the hospital where she was delivered went into legal mode, all our questions went unanswered. “What happened?” we asked, only to receive a response of “Not all babies are born pink and rosy”. BS… Thanks to Jack Beam and Matt Patterson, we finally got

The Pochron Family

“They Went Above and Beyond”

I am beyond thankful to have come in contact with Jack, Brittany, and Matt. They fought the fight that many were nervous to get near. They helped me get the care my child needed after a birth injury. We were turned away by multiple firms, but not by Jack Beam. He and his team took the time to look at our case and fought for what they believed. In the end, we got to provide to our child what we were not able to before. I have spoken with Brittany on many occasions. She was not just there for me legally but with anything that I was going through in my personal life. She was there and became a friend. I would highly recommend them for your legal needs.

Ab Columbus, OH