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a hand holding a babyDuring assisted vaginal birth, a doctor in Chicago may recommend using a vacuum extractor to aid in the delivery. Doctors sometimes recommend this practice when the mother becomes exhausted, or the child’s heart rate causes concern. If a vacuum is used during delivery, a rounded suction cup is placed upon the baby’s head. The mother pushes while the practitioner pulls the baby’s head with the vacuum.

Improper Vacuum Use Can Lead to Mechanical Trauma and Brain Damage

The FDA has approved vacuum delivery under careful and limited circumstances. If the operator does not follow detailed guidelines, it can lead to severe and permanent brain damage. Additionally, the child’s head needs to be low enough in the mother’s birth canal to use a vacuum safely.

Our Chicago law firm had assisted parents in taking legal action against medical professionals who used a vacuum during delivery when the child was not appropriately positioned, causing the child injury.

The improper use of vacuums can cause various trauma-related injuries, such as:

  • Cerebral contusions
  • Tearing and stretching of brain tissue and blood vessels
  • Cerebral compression
  • Cerebral bleeds
  • Seizures
  • Motor and mental deficits
  • Trauma
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brain damage

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When Should Vacuum Extractors Not Be Used

Although there are circumstances when a vacuum extractor is appropriate and likely safe, there are scenarios where a vacuum extractor should not be used. Medical professionals should think twice if the woman is less than 34 weeks pregnant. Other circumstances when a vacuum extractor should not be used include when the pregnant woman:

  • Has a blood disorder
  • Has a small pelvis
  • Has a previous negative experience with the use of a vacuum extractor during pregnancy

Vacuum extractors should also not be used when the physician is inexperienced.

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