Renee Beam


Renee is a Chicago native and has always been driven to lead a life of impact. Since a young age, she questioned the world around her and sought to make a difference. Women’s health advocacy and family support have been at the forefront of her personal endeavors. There is nothing she would rather do more than spend time with her family and advocate for families.

As office manager and financial executive, she understands the challenges of litigation the time and cost of winning justice for families. Renee earned her B. A. degree in Criminal Justice & Forensics from Indiana University. Following graduation, Renee performed campaign advance work for Illinois Attorney General Tyrone Fahner. Before dedicating herself to parenthood, Renee intermittently took on bookkeeping responsibilities for Beam Legal Team. In 2011, Renee assumed a full-time position as office manager and CFO in the Chicago office.

Renee has been a strong supporter of the arts, including the Colorado Ballet. In addition to many Political campaigns, she has hosted fund-raisers for women’s health organizations with the late Geraldine Ferraro, the first female candidate for Vice President and actress Jane Fonda. She is also highly active in animal cruelty prevention.