Jeanne Yoo

Legal Assistant

After jet-setting around the world and living in NYC, Paris, and Seoul, Jeanne is thrilled to come back to the Midwest. Having never lived or worked downtown until joining the staff at Beam Legal Team, she is ready to start a new chapter in the beautiful city of Chicago.

As a young girl, she always dreamed of living in New York, so it was inevitable that she would one day attend New York University to receive her master’s degree. It was in Manhattan that she realized her passion for urban education, which led to her first career as an inner-city high school English teacher.

Teaching provided countless opportunities for Jeanne to hone her craft as a writer, as well as impart her passion for literature to hundreds of New York City students. There is no greater joy, in her opinion than sparking and cultivating the love of reading in a teenager. She is forever changed by her tenure as an educator and will carry those skills into every new endeavor she begins.

In her free time, Jeanne enjoys boxing, reading, blogging, learning new languages, and riding her Peloton bike. She is on an eternal quest for the best slice of pizza and the perfect cup of coffee.