One of the most serious injuries that anyone can sustain is any involving the brain. This goes beyond just adults. It can occur in infants and babies as well. Understanding how these occur is important for any mother or father whose child has sustained a serious brain injury.

These are daunting injuries, often associated with developmental problems, issues with cognitive abilities, and more. In the worst-case scenario, these injuries can be fatal. This is why it’s so important to understand how these happen and how you may be able to prevent them.

Injuries During Pregnancy

Brain injuries during pregnancy are often caused by potential issues such as high blood pressure passed from the mother to the baby, or in situations where there is oxygen deprivation. This can include umbilical cord strangulation.

The doctor should monitor the pregnancy carefully to determine if there are any issues regarding the fetus. Typically, there will be fetal distress that the doctor can detect, and proper monitoring can help identify if a brain injury can occur.

Injuries During Labor

Brain injuries caused during labor are typically a result of a medical professional’s negligence. This is because they’re commonly caused by actions that the doctor takes—or doesn’t take—during labor. For instance, if the labor is allowed to go on for too long.

Some of the other causes of brain injuries during labor and delivery is if the doctor improperly uses forceps or vacuum extractors. These are instruments used on the head, so any misuse can damage the baby’s brain.

Why Hire a Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer?

As a parent of a child who sustained a brain injury due to negligence, you have rights. Our Chicago birth injury attorneys at Beam Legal Team can help explain these rights to you and work with you to seek compensation.

Brain injuries should be taken seriously and the party responsible for the injury should be held fully accountable for the damages they cause.

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