In 2016, there was a report released detailing how mix-ups regarding medical records is a common problem. This is an unfortunate situation as patient identity is one of the most vital and crucial parts of the healthcare system.

Far too often, though, there are mix-ups in hospitals and medical facilities that result in the patient sustaining serious pain and suffering. Knowing how these mix-ups occur and what to look for can help you keep your information a priority so you’re receiving the correct treatment.

Failure to Ask for Date of Birth

Have you been to a doctor’s office or hospital? Notice how multiple people ask for your date of birth? This is the hospital’s way of ensuring your identity and confirming you are who you say you are. However, not all individuals do this and they may fail to ask for the date of birth.

When this information is not verified, it can become easier for the medical facility to allow information to get mixed up, creating a problem with the potential health of the patient. Mixed up information can lead to misdiagnosis, incorrect procedures, and more.

Errors with Electronic Health Records

As electronic medical records were introduced, they weren’t without their own potential concerns. As such, there were potential issues—and there still are—that could put patients at risk when their information is mixed up with other patients.

For instance, many doctors kept multiple medical records open, especially in emergency rooms when they go from patient to patient. If they don’t verify date of birth matching the electronic records, they may read the wrong chart.

These issues are far more common than people think, so if you have to visit a hospital, it’s increasingly important to ensure that the doctor is verifying your information in a proper manner. If not, be sure to ask questions so you know they have the right records.

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