There is often discussion of how a doctor or nurse can be negligent and cause significant damage to a patient in their care. However, there are issues with the hospital at times that can lead to even worse problems if encountered.

Understanding some of the problems that may exist in a hospital is important, especially when individuals are significantly harmed as a result. If you’re visiting a hospital or admitted, make sure you know of these issues, so you can stay safe.

Environmental Issues That Exist

In the hospital, there can be multiple environmental dangers that put patients at risk. One of the situations that may occur is when oxygen lines do not have the correct gas or if they have no gas at all. This puts those relying on it at risk.

Some of the other issues that may exist are defective wiring which could cause electrical injuries, pain caused by improper use of restraints, and potential fire hazards which could cause harm to a patient when not properly monitored.

Failure to Properly Manage Care

In some situations, hospitals have patients who need assistance with turning over in bed or with getting out of bed to use the restroom. If proper turn schedules are not in place to prevent pressure ulcers, or staff members fail to properly aid individuals in getting up, serious harm could arise.

Similarly, if the hospital discharges the patient to an unauthorized party, allows them to leave without properly discharging them and they disappear, or fail to monitor them and the patient commits suicide, this is considered negligence.

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