Birth injuries caused by the
negligence of a medical provider are capable of causing all sorts of harm to the child.
Mechanical trauma, such as a paralyzed shoulder that was pulled too harshly during delivery,
might be the most noticeable but it is
mental debilitation caused by birth injuries that tend to cause the most harm. In particular, a
brain injury at birth can make the child experience a number of unpredictable developmental issues.

Developmental problems associated with severe birth injuries can include:

  • Language: A key indicator that a child has a developmental debilitation related to
    a birth injury is a significant difficulty with learning language. The
    average toddler has a small vocabulary of about two dozen words by the
    age of 18 months. About six months later, you should notice their vocabulary
    double, as well as include the combination of words, even if it is as
    simple as “Hi mommy.”
  • Social interaction: Some children with a developmental issue will struggle to understand social
    interactions. Children in kindergarten or Pre-K start to gain an idea
    of acceptable interactions with other children, such as learning that
    hitting is not appreciated. A birth injury child may never pick up on
    cues most take for granted, which creates complications and unfair hurdles
    in their adult lives. Keeping gainful employment or completing a full
    education can be impossible for a child with a developmental issue from birth.
  • Subject comprehension: Even if a child with a debilitating birth injury like
    cerebral palsy does not struggle to learn the language and social cues, it can still
    be extremely difficult to learn new subjects in school. The child’s
    memory may be fine as well, remembering family members and friends, but
    simply connecting information to learn and master a subject could be impossible.
    As with a social interaction problem, the child’s future will be
    unsteady due to a prevalent difficulty with schooling, employment, and
  • Memory: Brain injuries at a young age can cause significant detriments to a child’s
    memory, akin to amnesia or dementia at a young age. In severe cases, it
    may even interfere with a child’s ability to understand object permanence,
    a basic comprehension that should develop no later than 8 months of age.

Put Proven Legal Counsel On Your Side

If your child is struggling to develop and gain an education due to a birth
injury, then you should think about who caused that injury and if you
can hold them accountable for damages. Some birth injuries do not manifest
symptoms until you notice a developmental issue later in your child’s
life years later. Due to statute of limitations laws beginning when a
health issue is noticeable, not when it first occurs, you might still
be able to file a claim.

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