For any patient, the idea of going into a hospital to treat an injury or condition and coming out with even further damage is a daunting one. We never want to believe that those professionals entrusted with our care are negligent and can cause us more harm than good.

However, this is something that occurs far more than it should and doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals perform actions that result in further injury. This is called medical malpractice and it is not something that should be acceptable.

While it can be damaging to any patient no matter the age, gender, or situation, what happens when it involves a pregnant patient? What happens when the malpractice affects more than just the mother and the baby is at risk of serious harm as well.

Understanding how medical malpractice occurs and what kind of problems a pregnant patient can experience is important, especially if you are going through this situation. You should recognize the potential acts of malpractice and ensure your doctor isn’t guilty of these acts.

Failure to Monitor the Mother and Fetus…and the Potential Damages

During the pregnancy, one of the most important things that an obstetrician can do is properly ensure that they are monitoring the mother and the fetus for any potential problems. This is typically done through ultrasounds and heartrate monitors to make sure no issues exist.

They should also check the mother for any potential issues that may exist, including high blood pressure. If high blood pressure is present in the mother, it can cause serious problems for the baby as well, and proper action should be taken to treat the condition.

If the medical professional fails to monitor the mother and fetus, they may miss some health concerns such as asphyxia of the baby, high heartrate, high blood pressure, and more—all of which can result in long-term health issues for the baby and / or mother.

Failure to monitor is a form of medical negligence and can cause serious harm because of the lack of medical care. The mother or family may take legal action against the negligent party to seek justice and compensation for the damages sustained.

When Issues Exist Beyond Pregnancy and During the Labor

The potential problems that may exist go far beyond just the pregnancy. There are areas of negligence that can impact the mother or the baby during the labor process and even during delivery. This negligence can lead to significant health problems for either party if not properly remedied.

For instance, the mother and baby must be checked often to ensure there are no complications present which can be considered dangerous to the mother or baby. If during labor there are complications, the doctor may need to perform an emergency cesarean section to protect the baby or mother from harm.

In other situations, the doctor may prolong the delivery which could put the baby at significant risk of harm. It may cause complications during the delivery process in which potential injuries can be sustained, especially when certain instruments need to be used and they are done so incorrectly.

There are plenty of potential issues that can occur when a mother is not properly checked on during the labor process. The medical staff should ensure blood pressure is regulated and the baby is not dealing with any potential issues, including a prolapsed umbilical cord or asphyxia.

The Potential for Procedures to Go Wrong

In situations where something is detected and the mother needs treatment, it must be taken into account that the mother and baby are properly cared for and that there are no complications associated with the treatment that can cause serious and long-term harm.

Procedures or treatment, unfortunately, can be considered dangerous when medical professionals are negligent. For instance, if the doctor fails to check with the reaction of a specific medication with medications the mother is already taking or how it would interact with the pregnancy, it could cause serious problems.

If a surgery or other procedure is needed, the doctor must weigh the options to determine that the baby and mother is safe at all times. If the doctor is aware of the potential dangers, yet they proceed with the procedure, it can leave the mother and child dealing with the significant aftermath.

It’s important for medical professionals to check every factor involved before recommending treatment options to mothers when complications arise. The focus should be on the health of the mother and baby without putting them at serious risk of harm.

Why Difficulties May Arise?

Unfortunately, pregnancy is not always as happy as it should be when individuals are negligent in their actions. Some difficulties may arise that can leave the mother and baby suffering, but it’s how these difficulties arise that is most daunting.

Some medical facilities are understaffed or have improper hiring protocols, employing untrained or non-licensed doctors or nurses. There may also be a lack of communication or issues with the patient in the system which can lead to miscommunication and other problems.

Doctors may not think of interacting medications or anesthesiologists may use an improper amount of medication, which may lead to significant problems. These errors are not acceptable and the negligent parties should be held accountable.

Don’t Go Through Legal Matters Alone

If you’re trying to take legal action against a medical facility or medical professional, you should know that your legal action will be met with defense from a large insurance company backed by lawyers who are experienced in protecting medical negligence.

They are focused on one thing and one thing only: protecting their own policyholders, paying out as little as possible, and limiting the liability they must accept. This is the ultimate goal for a hospital or doctor when a victim tries to hold them accountable.

In turn, you need to ensure that you have strong legal counsel on your side who has experience in representing injured individuals against these large corporations and their legal teams. You should have someone who knows what needs to be shown to prove that negligence caused you or your baby significant harm during the pregnancy or in the labor process.

Without a lawyer, you run the risk of having your case damaged and walking away with nothing. You deserve to have strong representation from someone who can present your best interests in the most positive light, proving that the medical professional or facility was negligent, and helping you seek the most favorable outcome possible.

At Beam Legal Team, we have the resources you need to move forward with confidence. We have access to expert witnesses who can help build a strong case on your behalf and pursue the justice—and compensation—that you deserve.

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys have your best interests in mind at all times. We work hard to inform you of your rights and work to protect them throughout the entire process so the large insurance companies don’t take advantage of you during an already difficult time.

Contact our firm at (866) 766-3806 today and discuss your potential case with a legal professional whose top priority is protecting you, your family, and your rights from start to finish.

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