Fact: About one in every three births are done by cesarean section.

This is a procedure in which the doctor cuts through the mother’s abdomen wall in order to deliver the baby. It’s often looked down upon by many; however, it is something that is often necessary when emergencies arise.

Failure to perform a C-section can often lead to significant problems for both the mother and the baby.

It’s important for you to recognize the effects that may arise should your doctor fail to perform a C-section in an adequate time and allows labor to be prolonged.

Problems Caused By a Delayed C-Section

  • You and your baby can suffer from physical injuries, especially if labor has started and you have suffered uterine rupture.
  • Your baby can suffer from a lack of oxygen supply, which can result in various birth injuries and conditions, including autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, and brain damage.
  • Your baby may experience delays in their physical development—such as when suffering from injuries including muscle deficiencies.

If you’ve suffered injuries or your baby was harmed due to a delayed decision to perform a C-section, know that you may have the right to take legal action against the medical professional who was responsible for monitoring you and your baby.

Recognizing the Need for a C-Section

Your doctor must take the necessary steps to identify the need for a C-section. This could prove to be life-saving.

A cesarean section may be necessary when:

  • Your labor isn’t progressing and it’s taking much longer than necessary to dilate
  • Your baby is suffering from a lack of oxygen due to umbilical cord problems—such as being pinched or prolapsed
  • Your baby is too large for your birth canal and vaginal birth would potentially cause physical harm
  • Your baby is showing signs of distress such as an irregular heartbeat
  • Your baby is in a breech position, preventing vaginal birth—some babies may be turned, but C-section may be safer in many situations

It is your doctor’s responsibility to perform an emergency C-section when problems present themselves. Failure to do so can be seen as negligence. At Beam Legal Team, our Chicago birth injury lawyers aim to help you and your family take the necessary action to hold the negligent party accountable.

If you believe you have a case, call us today at (866) 766-3806.

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