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Beam Legal Team is an official sponsor of the 2019 Great Blue Benefit, which is held on Thursday, June 20, at 6:00 PM.

Every year, the Alliance for the Great Lakes hosts this charity event at Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago to support the organization’s work to protect the Great Lakes and spread awareness of our responsibility to do our part to keep our beaches, coastlines, and drinking water clean and healthy.

This fantastic evening gives attendants an opportunity to mingle and enjoy cocktails with others who deeply care about clean water and learn more information on how to further contribute to the Alliance’s programs.

The organization was founded in 1970 and originally called the Lake Michigan Federation led by Lee Botts. Its purpose is to protect and restore the Great Lakes for people and wildlife for eternity.

At Beam Legal Team, not only do we care about helping families who have experienced birth injuries caused by medical malpractice, but we also care about our water and our environment. We are committed to doing our part inside and outside the courtroom, making a significant positive difference in our community.

If you suspect that your child’s birth injuries were caused by negligence, contact us at (866) 766-3806 and schedule a free consultation today.

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