You suspect that there is something wrong with your baby. You notice unusual mannerisms, some strange behavior, developmental delays, and more. What do you do? You go to your doctor and express your concerns, as well as try to figure out what to do.

What would you do if you had all this evidence that something was wrong, you trusted your instincts, and now the OB who delivered the baby said everything is fine?

Unfortunately, this is something that can and has happened—and oftentimes there are long-term effects associated with these decisions. Learn what you can do if the person who delivered the baby says everything is fine.

Be Adamant In Your Requests

If you truly feel that something is wrong, and your child suffered a birth injury, you shouldn’t take no for an answer. Keep telling the doctor that you want to have more tests done and don’t stop until they perform brain imaging and other assessments.

If your doctor still refused to perform the testing, but you feel there is something wrong, maybe it’s time to change the doctor and see someone else who can help you with a proper diagnosis. However, you should note that the denial of testing by your doctor can be considered a failure to diagnose.

Take Action to Protect Your Family

You have rights. Unfortunately, not all parents know that and they may fail to pursue the information they need to take legal action simply because they’re told they can’t. Doctors don’t want to admit to mistakes, so they may not want to provide further testing.

Brain imaging and other testing is something that you have the right to request and our firm can use this information to help build a strong case on your behalf to show your baby suffered an injury as a result of a medical professional’s negligence.

With our Chicago birth injury lawyers, you can have peace of mind knowing experienced legal professionals are on your side and can help utilize the necessary evidence to prove your case.

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