Medical professionals are held to a specific standard when it comes to the care they are required to provide patients. It’s imperative that these medical experts do all they can to keep patients (adults, children, and babies alike) safe from harm.

Part of this means doing their due diligence to rule out potential health problems—especially in situations when negligence may have occurred. One thing they can do is perform specific testing to diagnose serious issues and what can be done to help.

Performing Additional Tests to Determine the Presence of a Birth Injury

Brain imaging and other tests can be performed on children at a certain age, but they are often necessary should you as a parent recognize a potential sign of a birth injury. When you request the additional testing, the doctor should understand and recognize your need for answers.

There are times where your primary doctor will try to say nothing is wrong and that you don’t need the additional testing. If they do this, know that you have rights and can take additional steps to get a second opinion or hold the doctor accountable for their inactions.

When the Doctor Refuses to Help

The doctor may refuse to help. This is one of the most unfortunate situations as it requires them to not only go through more steps of testing, but also they can expose a colleague’s negligence, putting them at risk of a lawsuit.

You can continue to request additional testing and pursue answers you need.

By getting more tests performed on your child, you can get a firm understanding on the condition your child is suffering from and how to treat it. You can also pursue compensation from the negligent party to help cover the costs associated with the birth injury.

Moving forward on your own can be difficult, but you don’t have to go at it alone. You can get help from our Chicago birth injury attorneys to help you utilize the necessary resources to build a strong case strategy on your behalf.

At Beam Legal Team, we are truly committed to helping parents in one of the most complex areas of law because they deserve justice. They deserve answers. And they deserve help for the negligence to which they have been exposed—especially when it comes from someone they are expected to trust.

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