Preventing a birth injury is not always possible; however, recognizing some of the maternal risks that can increase the potential of a birth injury gives doctors a way to plan accordingly. As an expecting parent, you should also know what risks are present to request certain actions be taken to help the situation.

There are some issues that can cause shoulder dystocia, like macrosomia (when the baby’s birth weight is larger than normal), but there are also risks associated with the mother that can increase the possibility of a birth injury. Here are some of the things about which you should know.

Obesity Plays a Role

If the mother is obese, it can increase the potential risks of a birth injury like shoulder dystocia occurring. This is also associated with medical problems that the mother may have, such as diabetes—which can also increase the risk for shoulder dystocia.

Previous Pregnancy Involving Shoulder Dystocia

If the mother had a previous pregnancy in which the baby was larger and shoulder dystocia occurred, it increases the risk of the condition happening again. This may also be associated with pregnancies that go beyond the due date, increasing the possibility of the baby being larger.

Induced Labor or Epidural

Some of the medications doctors use for epidurals or labor induction can cause problems, including increasing the chance of shoulder dystocia occurring. If your doctor insists on using any of these methods, you have the right to refuse them.

Our advocates at Beam Legal Team are committed to helping mothers after shoulder dystocia. Whether your baby is harmed, or you suffer injuries as a result, we want to look into what actions (or inactions) stemmed from a medical professional to help you understand your rights.

You can count on our Chicago birth injury lawyers to be by your side the entire time, helping you obtain the important information you need to move forward. We’ll pursue the compensation you need for medical treatment, and hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

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