When the discussion of potential birth injuries is brought up, there are a lot of confusing misconceptions regarding umbilical cords and the problems often involving them. While they can cause problems, it is the ways the issues occur that brings about confusion.

For instance, many think that umbilical cord strangulation is the main problem, as the umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s neck. It’s not the only problem, and it’s often another issue that causes the most damage to the baby.

Potential Problems that May Be Experienced

  • Prolapsed Umbilical Cord: This is a situation in which the umbilical cord goes through the birth canal before the baby does, causing the cord to get pinched and deprive the baby of oxygen. Some of the risk factors involved can include premature labor, low birthweight, a long umbilical cord, breech positioning, and more.
  • Single Umbilical Artery: This happens when there is a missing artery inside the baby’s umbilical cord. It occurs in about 1% of single pregnancies and 5% of multiple pregnancies. When they do happen, about 20% of them result in problems involving digestion, kidney, and heart issues.
  • Vasa Previa: This is when there is one or more blood vessel within the placenta or umbilical cord crossing with the mother’s cervix. It occurs in about 1 in 2,500 births and can lead to potential problems for the baby regardless of whether the blood vessels tear.
  • Nuchal Cord: This is one of the more common umbilical cord issues that can occur, and while it is not just the actual cord going around the baby’s neck that can cause a problem, it can cause the umbilical cord to pinch and cut off oxygen supply. As a result, the baby can experience increased heartrate and suffer significant harm if it lasts too long.

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