Pregnant women have nine months to prepare for one of life’s most exciting adventures. You tell your family and friends the big news and start planning. What happens, however, when you go through labor and delivery, only to experience an infant wrongful death.

Unfortunately, negligence can lead to babies suffering fatal injuries at the hands of a medical professional. You should know how to speak with the rest of the family after you find out about the loss of your child.

Be Honest About the Situation

Whether you’re talking to your other children, parents, or any other family members, it’s best to be upfront about what happened. Inform them that there was an error and what happened to the baby. They’ll understand the situation, as well as know what to expect as you proceed through filing a claim.

Discuss the Future

You don’t have to go into full details but speak with relevant parties about the future. Are you going to file a lawsuit against the doctor or other medical professional responsible? Do you need compensation for some of the expenses you experience?

Once you have an idea of what comes next, be sure to prepare.

Plan for What Lies Ahead

Talk to your significant other about legal action and prepare for the potential claim. Get your medical records together, including all visits during your pregnancy and any notes of the delivery. You should be able to provide as much information to give to your legal team to pursue legal action.

Not only will talking about the situation help you prepare, but you can also learn to cope with the loss of your infant. This situation can be tough to endure. Having a support system gives you comfort moving forward and the strength to stand up to negligence.

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