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Beam Legal Team supports caretakers who have loved ones with disabilities and acknowledges the realities associated with the care of their clients.

This year Beam Legal Team made a sizable contribution to “A Mother’s Rest”,an organization with national reach that provides retreats for caregivers who have loved ones with disabilities. The mission and goals of A Mother’s Rest include:

  • Redefine “respite” as it applies to parents and caregivers who have loved ones with disabilities and/or chronic illness.
  • Change the way caregiver respite is viewed and valued in the disability community as a whole.
  • Promote the long-term significance of “caring for the caregiver”…self-care is just as important as self-sacrifice.
  • Champion a societal paradigm shift making respite a proactive (not reactive) part of parental healthcare.
  • Enable long-term caregivers to allow themselves recuperative rest and therapeutic fellowship outside of the home.
  • Strengthen the overall health of the family unit to ensure the best care to these loved ones with special needs.
  • Make fellowship affordable, everywhere, and often to caregivers from all economic backgrounds.
  • Empower & equip local communities to care for their extra needs families proactively.
  • Become and premier national respite resource for families of disabled children & adults.

Through its contribution, Beam Legal Team provided a weekend respite for approximately two dozen moms and other caregivers at a cozy bed & breakfast in West Virginia. Founder & Executive Director Andrea Faris Roberts said she was beyond appreciative of Beam Legal Team’s generous donation.

The attorneys and staff at Beam Legal Team are all too familiar with the dedication, hard work, and inordinate costs associated with the care of a disabled child. Most recently, Jack Beam and Matt Patterson secured a 97.4 Million dollar verdict in Iowa City (Read more here) where nearly 80% of the economic damages related to attendant care.

Matt Patterson provided further insight into the realities of the care required for nearly all of the brain-damaged children Beam Legal Team represents:

“In almost all birth trauma cases where the child is catastrophically injured, the largest portion of the money damages we request is to pay for the child’s future medical and attendant care necessary due to the injuries. In our cases, the costs for attendant care for the child’s lifetime – which is care provided by an in-home caretaker, nurse’s aid, licenses practical nurse, or sometimes, even a registered nurse – will be, alone, more than $15-20 million dollars. Tragically, if a brain-injured child is not able to recover money in a lawsuit to pay for the attendant care, those services will never be provided because they are just so expensive.In our current healthcare system, no private insurance or government programs (i.e. Medicaid) will pay for significant in-home attendant care, especially if a registered nurse is NOT required for the child’s needs. So, unless a family has millions of dollars to spend out of pocket for the attendant care services, children never receive those services, and the child’s mom, dad, family, and loved ones are left to carry the burden of caring for a special needs child 24/7/365 for the rest of their lives.

To learn more about Beam Legal Team, LLC in Chicago, please feel free to call us at (866) 766-3806 or contact us online. We focus entirely on complicated and catastrophic birth injury claims and lawsuits that other law firms do not have the resources or experience to handle.

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