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Once upon a time, there were 100,000 work horses on the streets of Chicago. Many of them were laboring under brutal, inhumane conditions, so a woman named Rose Fay Thomas decided to do something about it: she founded Chicago Anti-Cruelty.

This year marks 125 years of Chicago Anti-Cruelty serving both the animals and people of Chicago. Beam Legal Team was there to celebrate the occasion and carry on the important public service tradition that Rose Fay Thomas started. Renee Beam was the keynote speaker at the Anti-Cruelty Gala, having dedicated the renovated Renee Beam & Irene Cat Adoption Center to the organization.

Throughout the years, whether it is through Doctors Without Borders, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Alliance for the Great Lakes, or the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the lawyers at Beam Legal Team have consistently advocated and supported innocent and at-risk lives in our community and our world.

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