Welcoming new life into the world is often a joyful occasion filled with hope and anticipation. However, for some families, the joy of childbirth can be overshadowed by unexpected challenges, such as infant cephalohematoma.

If you suspect that poor medical practices during delivery, such as insufficient supervision or incorrect use of birthing tools, contributed to your child’s injury, our infant cephalohematoma lawyers can help. We’re committed to fighting for the justice and compensation your family deserves.

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Understanding Infant Cephalohematoma

Infant cephalohematoma occurs when blood accumulates beneath a newborn’s scalp, between the skull and its protective outer layer. The condition can manifest through various signs and symptoms.

  • There may be visible swelling on one side of the baby’s head, or a soft bulge that appears hours or days after birth.
  • The swelling may increase in size during the first few days after birth, or the bulge may stay in one area.
  • Skin over the swelling may appear normal or slightly blue, but it is usually not painful to the touch.

Infant cephalohematoma can be caused by trauma during childbirth or the use of instruments like forceps or vacuum extractors. Typical risk factors include a first-time pregnancy, prolonged labor, or birthing difficulties due to a misalignment of the baby’s head, large baby size, or irregularly shaped or small pelvis in the mother.

Complications and Potential Treatment

Infant cephalohematoma generally heals on its own, but it can lead to complications such as jaundice, anemia, and infections. These have the potential to affect the infant’s long-term development.

For instance, the development of jaundice can cause bilirubin-induced neurological dysfunction (BIND). BIND can result in auditory processing difficulties, cognitive impairments, and cerebral palsy.

Treatment strategies for infant cephalohematoma often include carefully monitoring the infant’s health, drainage of the hematoma in more severe instances, and timely treatment of any associated conditions. If a doctor fails to provide the standard of care, we can hold them liable in a medical malpractice claim.

Legal Considerations for Infant Cephalohematoma

It can be distressing to see your baby affected by cephalohematoma, especially when you suspect it might have been preventable. If you believe your baby’s condition was caused by negligent medical care, reach out to an infant cephalohematoma lawyer at our law firm for help.

Our knowledgeable attorneys at Beam Legal Team can assess whether medical negligence contributed to your child’s condition. Your attorney can guide you through the legal process of seeking compensation for medical treatments and ongoing care, which includes filing a medical malpractice claim to seek damages and hold the provider accountable.

It’s essential to act quickly; Illinois only gives you two years from the date of the injury to pursue damages. We can help you collect valuable evidence early on, preserving your right to fair financial support. Our team can prove the following elements of medical malpractice to get you and your baby the settlement you deserve:

Element Description Evidence
Duty of Care The provider had an official duty to provide medical care to you and your baby under a physician-patient relationship.


Medical records documenting the pregnancy, birth plan, prenatal and postnatal visits
Breach of Duty The healthcare provider did not follow the standard medical procedures expected during childbirth. Testimonies from medical experts about what should have been done, labor and delivery records detailing the actions taken
Causation There’s a direct link showing that your baby’s injury was caused by the provider’s failure to follow standard procedures. Expert analysis linking the neglect to the injury, including how the standard of care was not met and its impact
Damages Your baby suffered measurable harm, like physical injuries or developmental problems, because of the doctor’s negligence. Medical bills, expert predictions on future medical costs, tests showing the extent of injuries, and documentation of long-term care needs

Seeking Legal Help for Infant Cephalohematoma

Birth injury claims for babies with cephalohematoma complications can be complex. These cases demand in-depth medical record analysis and expert testimony to establish negligence and connect it to your baby’s injuries.

Winning a birth injury case demands a legal team that’s not just experienced but also genuinely caring about your family’s situation. At Beam Legal Team, our birth injury lawyers know the care standards and the unique obstacles faced in these situations, ensuring personalized and effective legal representation.

Our firm has a proven track record of winning significant settlements for families impacted by birth injuries, including a $4.3 million settlement for a case related to incorrect forceps use and $4 million for a case concerning inadequate monitoring during delivery.

For unparalleled expertise, empathy, and a winning track record, turn to Beam Legal Team. We’re committed to fighting for the compensation and support you rightfully deserve. Contact us for a free, thorough case evaluation. Let’s secure your future together.

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