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During pregnancy, the placenta plays a crucial role in providing nutrients and oxygen to the developing baby. However, complications related to the placenta can arise, leading to significant risks for both the mother and the baby.

If you suspect that undiagnosed or untreated placental complications caused your spouse or child’s birth injuries, seeking legal counsel is essential to protect your family’s rights and seek justice. At Beam Legal Team, our Chicago placental complications attorneys are here to help you get the compensation your family deserves.

Common Causes of Placental Complications

Placental complications can stem from various factors, including:

  • Placental Abruption: This occurs when the placenta separates from the uterine wall prematurely, potentially causing severe bleeding and depriving the baby of oxygen and nutrients.
  • Placenta Previa: In this condition, the placenta partially or entirely covers the cervix, increasing the risk of bleeding, especially during labor.
  • Uterine Blood Flow Issues: Conditions affecting blood flow to the uterus, such as preeclampsia or high blood pressure, can affect the placenta’s function.
  • Placental Insufficiency: When the placenta doesn’t develop properly or isn’t functioning adequately, it can lead to restricted fetal growth and potential complications during birth.

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Signs and Symptoms of Placental Complications

Recognizing signs of placental complications is crucial for timely intervention. Some common indications include:

  • Vaginal Bleeding: Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, bleeding can signal serious issues like placental abruption or placenta previa.
  • Abdominal Pain or Tenderness: Severe pain or tenderness might indicate placental complications, especially when accompanied by bleeding.
  • Decreased Fetal Movement: A decrease in the baby’s movements could be a sign that they’re not receiving enough oxygen or nutrients.

When obstetricians, midwives, and other healthcare providers specializing in childbirth fail to notice and treat placental complications, they could potentially be liable for any resulting injuries to the mother and baby.

Complications Caused by Placental Complications

Placental complications can lead to various complications for both the mother and the baby:

  • Fetal Distress: Insufficient oxygen or blood supply to the baby due to placental problems can result in fetal distress, potentially leading to long-term health issues.
  • Premature Birth: Placental complications can necessitate early delivery, increasing the risk of developmental issues for the baby.
  • Maternal Hemorrhage: Placental abruption or other complications can cause severe bleeding in the mother, leading to life-threatening situations.

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Our Experience in Birth Injury Cases

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How Our Lawyers Can Help Your Family with Injuries from Placental Complications

Understanding the complexities surrounding placental complications requires many years of experience. Our seasoned lawyers have a deep understanding of the medical intricacies involved. We work diligently to investigate the circumstances surrounding the complications, gathering crucial evidence to assess if negligence and/or malpractice contributed to the injury.

Every case is unique, and we approach each situation with a personalized strategy. Our placental complications lawyers analyze the specifics of your case, collaborating with medical experts to build a strong and customized legal approach aimed at securing the best possible outcome for your family.

If your child has suffered from placental complications during delivery, don’t hesitate to contact our Illinois-based placental complications lawyers. We offer a confidential consultation to discuss your situation, assess your legal options, and provide the support and guidance needed during this challenging time.

Helping Clients Across the U.S.

At Beam Legal Team, we understand that birth injuries happen everywhere, not just in Chicago. While we’re based in Illinois, our commitment to advocating for families extends nationwide. Our experienced birth injury lawyers provide legal assistance and support to clients dealing with birth injury cases in all 50 states.

Even if you reside outside of Illinois, our firm is equipped to provide comprehensive legal assistance remotely. With a vast network of legal professionals, medical experts, and resources across the country, our nationwide reach ensures that you receive the best possible support and representation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if my child suffered placental complications due to negligence?

A: Determining if placental complications resulted from negligence involves assessing the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and delivery. Look for signs like inadequate monitoring or response to symptoms, misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, or deviations from standard medical practices. A thorough review of medical records and consultation with legal or medical professionals can help clarify whether negligence contributed to the complications.

Q: Should I take legal action against our medical provider?

A: If you suspect negligence contributed to your child’s placental complications, consulting an experienced Chicago placental complications lawyer can help determine if pursuing legal action is appropriate and what options you might have for getting compensation for your child and family. At Beam Legal Team, we have four decades of experience helping parents take legal action against negligent medical providers, including doctors, midwives, nurses, and more.

Q: Did my doctor fail to order a C-section in time?

A: Placental complications often occur when C-sections are delayed or simply not ordered when they should be. Determining if your doctor failed to order a timely C-section involves reviewing the circumstances surrounding the placental complications and birth. If there’s evidence that timely intervention through a C-section could have prevented or reduced harm to your child, consulting a legal expert specializing in medical malpractice and birth injury could help evaluate if negligence was a factor in the decision-making process.