Part 1: Forceps Injuries

You may have heard of forceps as an instrument used during the delivery of a baby when there is a problem and the mother can deliver on their own. While they’re not completely uncommon, the amount of deliveries in which forceps are being used has lessened.

The reason for this? The use of forceps in an improper manner can actually cause significant injury to the baby. Understanding what injuries can occur and how they occur can help parents of children affected hold the responsible party accountable.

Eye Trauma

Forceps have an interesting design where they essentially clamp the head of the infant to help the mother deliver. As a result, there can be pressure to the head region, including the eye. If done incorrectly, the child can suffer trauma to their eye and lose vision.

Brain Damage

One of the most common injuries to occur from improper use of forceps, brain damage can arise if the forceps are used to aggressively. The pressure buildup or strength of the clamp can cause the brain to have issues and conditions to develop.

One common injury that occurs from brain damage after using forceps is cerebral palsy.

Skull Fractures

A baby’s skull is a sensitive part of their body and if forceps are not applied with just the right amount of force, it can cause the skull to fracture. If this happens, it can lead to brain hemorrhaging, which can also cause long-term problems.

Unfortunately, the use of forceps doesn’t just pose a risk for the infant. There are also potential risks for the mother such as tears, pain post-delivery, blood loss, uterine rupture, or a pelvic organ prolapse. These can cause quite a bit of pain for an extended period of time and other issues.

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys recognize how serious these situations can be. If your child was harmed due to improper use of forceps during delivery, Beam Legal Team is here to stand by your side and help you seek justice.

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