Your Right for Testing If You Notice Signs of Trauma

Parents should recognize potential signs of trauma when it comes to their newborn children. Far too often, parents either don’t recognize the signs or when they do, the medical professionals don’t do anything to help give the parents peace of mind.

They often deny performing more tests, claiming that the baby is perfectly fine and there’s no testing needed. Unfortunately, this could be a big mistake and result in something being missed. As a parent, you have rights to request testing. Here’s why you should:

Getting a Second Opinion

You should know your baby best and trusting your gut can be helpful. It is imperative to get the additional testing performed when you can to help determine if there is something wrong or if your baby suffered a birth injury caused by trauma.

Even if your primary pediatrician says that your baby is fine, you want to take the time to get a second opinion. There’s nothing wrong with doing your due diligence to get further answers and to see what treatment would be available to help in the long-term.

Your Rights Moving Forward

You should be able to speak with your doctor about the available options to determine if any problems exist. This can be imperative in understanding the diagnosis, what may have caused it, and whether there was any kind of negligence involved.

If the additional testing shows some signs of problems caused by the doctor’s negligent actions, you as a parent have specific rights to pursue compensation. This is also the case if your original doctor refuses to perform the testing needed to identify a problem.

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