Genetics vs. Trauma — How Does A Doctor Know the Difference?

One of the biggest obstacles involved in medical malpractice and birth injury matters is determining whether a condition is considered to be caused by trauma or if genetics had a role. The determination and categorization of a baby’s injury to one or the other can help determine if someone has a case against a doctor.

While both genetics and trauma can create significant problems for the baby, it’s important for you to know how a doctor may identify each one. Typically, these are what differentiate birth injuries from birth defects.

Conditions Caused By Genetics

Doctors are tasked with learning more about the mother and father’s family history. This can include the different types of conditions that have been present in the family lineage. This can be a potential indicator of conditions a child may develop as well.

For instance, if there is a history of heart problems, the doctor should be notified to take proper care of a child. However, if the doctor doesn’t take the proper precautions to care for a child at risk of serious conditions, they may be considered negligent.

When Is Trauma Present?

Trauma can be mostly present during the delivery or immediately following the birth of the baby. It typically involves significant force being used to help deliver the baby—for instance, pulling on the baby’s head while his or her shoulders are stuck behind the pelvic bone can cause shoulder dystocia.

Other situations involving trauma can include incorrect use of forceps and vacuum extractions. Anything that creates physical harm on the child will be treated as a negligent action and the doctor responsible should be held accountable for the costs associated with whatever injury the baby sustains.

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